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Company was founded to support design offices and interior outfitting suppliers with technical knowledge, detailed documantation and sub-contractors supervision.
Based on individuals, with experience gained at the offices of the leading construction companies in the Pomerania in Poland, where we've been involved in the production and assembly of ship and yacht interiors projects.

In addition to the knowledge of the design, we purchased a problem-solving skills of current production and rapid response to unforeseen circumstances during installation on board.
We have participated in the execution of interior furnishing projects or rebuilding on yachts, ferries and cruise ships, both in shipyards in Poland and the in dry docks in the US.

We also provide support with Digital Heritage Preservation projects and reverse engineering.
We work on scan3D point clouds, make 2D & 3D modeling and documentation of objects, areas, parts - based on drawings, sketches, photos and measurements from nature.

Feel free to contact us: companies involved in interior applications ship, yacht and land, architectural offices and design studios, as well as individuals with small and private projects.